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“It’s no use to expect your ship to come in unless you have sent one out.”

— Belgian Proverb

Want to make an impact and foster positive change in everything you do? At Lighthouse Leadership Group, we work closely with professionals across industries and empower them to be the best versions of themselves in both their personal and professional lives. Whether you are an individual or an organization, we can help you on your journey towards sustainable growth and success.

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Invest in your future with our expert coaching services. With the belief that every individual can be a leader, Lighthouse Leadership Group helps you build leaders and optimize performance across all levels. Get in touch with our CEO Brian Barry to enhance your performance and deliver better results.

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Emmett F

Writer at The Ideator Journal

Rockstar coach and trainer, phenomenal mentor and leader. Grateful to have spent time learning from Brian Barry. And even above the fantastic training he provided, and despite his busy schedule, he continues to do his part in giving his support and guidance in business.

Christine M

Operations Executive| Strategist| Brand Builder

Leadership traits are marked by people like Brian Barry. His high degree. of professionalism, work ethic and enthusiasm are “off the charts.” Always a networker, Brian draws people together into productive, participative and producing teams while instilling a calmness in difficult and complex situations putting everyone at ease. He is passionate about all aspects of business and people development. An exceptional leader and team player. When you work with Brian, you know you are working with someone truly special.

Matt Gilbert CSCS, TPI

Performance Specialist at Elite Speed Sports

I am forever grateful for Brian Barry. He brings out the ambitious potential in people that can sometimes go unnoticed. His performance coaching emphasizes bringing out qualities of individuals, which help mold them into leaders within their workplaces and communities. Taking the Dale Carnegie Course with Brian is something I wish I would’ve done sooner and I encourage anyone to do so if given the opportunity.

Chris LaPage

Account Executive at ATTOM Data Solutions

Brian is a master at leading a group no matter the size and at being an overall coach for success. He’s a mentor with tons of experience and a real enthusiasm for seeing his students succeed.

Brooke Bastiaans

Financial Advisor at Tax & Financial Group

Brian has a dynamic, friendly, and others-minded personality He definitely has strong relation skills and he clearly shows an interest and care in other people. His dynamic personality is contagious and I appreciate and enjoy the opportunities I have to interact with him. He has extensive knowledge and skill as it relates to Dale Carnegie’s Principles, which have positively impacted his communication and relational skills. He is a skilled, energetic and caring leader and it has been an honor to meet him.

Valerie Leone, M.B.A

Environmental Compliance Regulations at SUEZ

Brian has an amazing ability to connect, build trust and rapport while coaching others with his extensive knowledge of Dale Carnegie principles relating to real time communication skills. Brian had a positive impact on each, individual student. It was an honor and a privilege to attend his course in DTLA I am so grateful to have leamed many skills that I will be able to use now and in the future. Rock on, Brian!

Taona Elchibegashvili, EIT

Continuous Improvement Manager

Few people have the opportunity to meet an energetic, fearless leader such as Brian. During the Dale Carnegie experience. Brian guided us out of our comfort zones and into a new way of thinking. I am particularly impressed with Brian’s excellent presentation skills, which had us captivated along with his sincere and genuine interest in helping others he made sure everyone left the Dale Carnegie sessions with a big smile! I would recommend Brian to any employer, co-worker and friend.

Ellie Shoja

“Modern-day Rumi” Co-Founder at Peace Unleashed | Author | Philosopher | Mindset Expert | TEDx Speaker

I’ve had the extremely good fortune of participating in Brian’s Dale Camegie course and soak in the wisdom and insight he shares with such incredible generosity. Brian has complete grasp over the concepts he teaches and is able to guide participants into transformations. He’s a wonderful coach with very high emotional intelligence. I would recommend him to any individual or organization that wants to create lasting positive change.

Jonathan Wisniewski

Director, Strategic Partnerships | Certified Trainer at Dale Carnegie Training

In the 6 years that I have known Brian, he has exemplified the Dale Carnegie human relationship principles in every aspect of his life. His ability to coach, connect with, and inspire others including myself, is i simply amazing. As a graduate from all four public courses, and as a Graduate Assistant in the Dale course, I have had the pleasure of watching Bran impact not just peoples skills but also peoples lives. He is an exceptional trainer and mentor I look forward to seeing what’s in store for him in the future. As Arnold Bennett once said “It is easier to go down a hill then up, but the view is best at the top. Brian’s view is going to be, and arguably already is, pretty amazing.

Ms Manasvi

Former Miss India

Taking the Dale Carnegie course with Brian has truly been a life changing experience. I took this course at a very challenging time in my life and I am so grateful for Brian’s wisdom and mentorship. Brian is an exemplary coach and leader. His compassion makes him go all out to help and guide everyone personally I am looking forward to attending the high impact presentations course and the sales advantage course. I highly recommend Brian Barry to anyone seeking transformation, both personally and professionally. Thank you B2!

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